We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience on our website. If we’re talking about the lifespan of the generator, expect your Champion unit to run as much as 5 years or more – with proper care. Just like the rest, the Predator 8750 (63087) is also a portable, open-frame generator. This includes the newer tools in DeWalt’s product lineup, including their 60V Max Brushless Power Tools. When it comes to portability, this is one of the lightest generators you’ll find, which is only 96.8 pounds. As a brand, Champion has proven themselves in a relatively short time. Firman vs. champion inverter generators. WEN 56380i Portable Inverter Generator. With a 212cc 4-stroke engine, this unit has 3,400 rated watts and 3,800 surge/starting watts. Portable Generators From 1200 watts to 12,000 watts, Champion has the perfect portable power solution to fit your needs. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commisson if you decide to make a purchase through my links. Sound level wise they are pretty good. To keep it running longer, it has splash lubrication on its OHV engine. There are many good brands of portable generators on the … A recent trial run has confirmed I have made the right decision to acquire a "Champion… It is a reminder, though, that if powering sensitive electronics from a generator, to do so using a good power strip with a surge … Should You Buy a Champion Generator? Research pays off. We had plans to visit numerous state and national parks so realized we would need some sort of power source for dry camping. Champion generators are powerful and convenient. The only problem for me was the cost was much more than I was willing to pay. I priced out the Honda 2000 Watts model for example and it was going for around $1399 CAD in Canada. If you have any problems or … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If I was in the market for a generator again I would definitely be inclined to buy another Champion generator. Aside from the electric start, the generator also has manual/recoil and electric starting modes. Cover it from the elements when not in use. Low prices, good quality, and dependable customer service is something they have in common. So, the Champion vs Honda generator decision is all price vs quality. If you’re curious to know which generator is ideal for you, we did an article on “how big of a home generator do I need?”. Since they have different options when it comes to fuel type and starting mechanism, this makes them a favorite among homeowners, as well as those on a job site. Based on the numerous reviews that we receive and have researched, after you purchase a Champion generator, you’ll get a good product. Home Power Backup: How Big Of A Home Generator Do I Need? Consider putting it in the garage. Founded over a century ago in 1908, Briggs & Stratton is one of the most … It may, thus, be sold and purchased in any of the 50 states, including California. We also needed the ability to run our air conditioning unit when off grid. Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator. Another similar generator, this unit has 3,600 running watts and 4,500 starting watts. For instance, each generator is enclosed in a steel roll cage, which means, there is no component exposed. Always check the fuel gauge and controls from time to time. What makes Champion a great generator is that the unit doesn’t usually weigh too much, making them more ideal for home use. Researching things showed we would require about 2800 watts to make that work. If you’re choosing between home power backup brands, you may be wondering: are Champion generators good? The prices for generators in our ratings range from $450 for a modest recreational generator to more than $4,000 for a small home standby generator. Are you considering running two units at the same time? Now the big question, is Champion an American brand? All Rights Reserved. I ended up using the metal tool chest in the back of our pickup for generator storage. It is also not so jarring on the ears due to only running at 61 dB on its noise levels. Looks pretty sweet! They now have model putting out 3100 watts, enough to power an RV’s air conditioner without the need for two smaller units in parallel. Previous post: Home Power Backup: How Big Of A Home Generator Do I Need? Champion Power Equipment 100307 Review. ... Propane generators are a good alternative to gas models but are less common, and a good one may cost a bit more than a comparable gas generator. These generators are designed and manufactured by Champion Power Equipment company, a US company, that was established in 2003. I ordered 2 of them ($499 CAD each) plus the parallel kit ($120 CAD) for a total cost of $1118 CAD plus tax. At 25% load, the unit will run up to 16 hours with regular usage. Our trailer being only 30 feet has limited internal storage, especially for full timing. What’s more, it is RV-ready due to its outlet design and it is EPA and CARB compliant as well. The smallest Champion home generator has a retail price that’s pretty reasonable. If you have high requirements for power, this Predator Generator is a good choice. After combing through scads of RV forum posts it became readily apparent we needed what is called an “inverter” style generator versus the cheaper construction open framed type. In the summer, we live in an RV park for long stretches of time so I have to remind myself to exercise them a bit. I would still give the Honda or Yamaha units a slight edge in this department but not much. Neither of the generators has missed a beat with zero breakdowns. Although it’s certainly an investment, a portable generator … That means any of their generators will run your most basic appliances – including the fridge (and freezer). Champion is in the business of making generators for quite a while now, and I must say I am impressed by their products. Some of them may also have electric start other than manual and there are also generators in their lineup with a remote key fob. 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One advantage of a propane generator … For 5 years now they have been subject to temperature fluctuations, humidity and (sometimes severe) road vibrations and keep on ticking. During that first 1 year trip with our older dog, the pair of Champions were up to the task of powering our rooftop AC unit. Consumer Reports shares what you need to know about inverter generators. There is no addtional cost to you. With that said, don’t let the word “China” get you down – they are still under Champion Power Equipment with strict conditions in terms of assembly. At the time, solar power was still relatively expensive and we just laid out a pile of cash for our new Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer so a generator figured to be the best option. Champion is a company based in the USA. Five years ago almost to the date we sold our house in Victoria BC and headed out on a planned 1 year RV trip all around the US and Canada.